Magnifying Glasses, Magnifier Loupes and Microscopes
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Welcome to! These great products can be used to read writing easier, inspect objects closer, or see details that are too hard for the naked eye. There are various magnifying glasses, jewellery loupes, reading aids and lab magnifiers to suite your needs. Choose a magnifier with a built-in LED light so you can see at night or in low light conditions.

Many of our magnifying gadgets are pocket sized so you can take them with you on your explorations or travels. There are so many industries that make use of magnifying devices like: horticulture, biology, geology, gemology, archaeology, entomology, chemistry, dentistry, criminology, and engineering.

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200x USB Microscope

Take snap shot photography and video capture, with the USB Microscope 25x-200x. It displays...
Zoom: 25x-200x
Resolution: 2MP
Light: LED
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Magnifying Headset 10x

This 10x Magnifying Glass Headset allows up-close viewing of small objects, while reducing...
Zoom: 10x
Headband: Adjustable
Batteries: 2 AAA (not included)
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3x Magnifying Credit Card

This 3x Magnifying Sheet Credit Card is virtually unbreakable and fits into any wallet or...
Zoom: 3x
Material: Plastic
Thickness: 0.5mm